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ShotSense3D Infrared Weapons Flash Detection, Location and Classification

Lucid Dimensions’ proprietary and patented technology powers active shooter detection systems and products designed to save lives.

Our technology detects and locates complex lethal threats, such as active shooters or hostile fire, delivering actionable alerts to first responders.

Our Infrared and Acoustic sensor fusion technology is capable of differentiating and observing multiple targets in any direction, providing real-time, high-speed target detection, geo-location, and tracking of activity within its line-of-sight.

SDS technology is currently embodied in the Thunderbolt™ HFD infrared and acoustic shooter detection, ShotSense3D™ Infrared hostile fire detection, and PTrack™ thermal intrusion detection and tracking products. A new line of products is planned for release in 2020.

Each product line addresses various applications within the public safety, defense and security sectors. They offer distinct advantages in speed and performance over contemporary sensing and monitoring systems, significantly enhancing users’ capabilities while reducing system cost.

Lucid Dimensions also provides custom design engineering services, integration and test support, and IP licensing services and opportunities.

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