PTrack – IR Human and Vehicle Tracker

PTrack7 360° Intrusion Detection System with Tripod
PTrack 360° Intrusion Detection System with Tripod

PTrack™ provides passive IR Intrusion Detection capabilities for systems requiring real-time, wide-area threat alert and tracking. The PTrack™ offers distinct advantages over contemporary security systems with significantly enhanced 360° situational awareness and automated target tracking capabilities. Its streamlined power, data, and communications requirements allow users to optimize their operations.

Our systems calculate extremely accurate angular coordinates to multiple threats simultaneously allowing the PTrack™ to automatically alert personnel and cue motion-controlled cameras systems. This can permit the user to reduce the number of cameras needed to monitor an area which in turn reduces the cost of operating and maintaining a CCTV system. PTrack™ systems provide users value and actionable early alert information for time-critical security and intrusion detection applications.