Infrared Hostile Fire Detection System

ShotSense3D™ (Model S3D-IV-E) with 90° x 45° Field of View
ShotSense3D™ (Model S3D-IV-E) with 90° x 45° Field of View

ShotSense3D™ (S3D) is a novel, low-cost, EO/IR Flash Detection system utilizing high-speed Infrared (IR) detectors distributed over a spherical surface. The IR detectors sense and locate a weapon discharge event by distinguishing the unique IR heat signature of the event. Threat messages are output, with minimal latency, to cue other sensors or systems.

The patented IR technology detects most threats from Small Arms Fire to rockets, artillery, and MANPADS. The S3D differentiates itself though its high-speed and low-cost, which makes EO/IR flash detection technology accessible to a wide variety of platforms. Other advantages include high accuracy and low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).

Recent field tests with proven battlefield systems show that S3D-Radar fusion significantly improves threat location accuracy and false alarm rates. S3D EO/IR Radar augmentation is gaining considerable recognition from the US Government and Industry. Moreover, the successful demonstration of the standalone and integrated S3D have proven its efficacy against modern threats.

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