Spherical Sensing Technology

Spherical Detection Sensing Technology
A notional 360° x 360° SDS 3D™

The technology, intellectual property and patents granted to Lucid Dimensions, Inc. pertain to a novel method of sensing called Spherical Detection Systems (SDS 3D™ or SDS). SDS utilize a distribution of detectors over a curved or spherical surface to provide up to 360 degrees of coverage. Lucid Dimensions primarily applies the technology to the realm of passive infrared sensing; however, it can be applied to nearly any detection modality in the electromagnetic spectrum.

SDS are particularly useful in detecting and locating high-speed events such as weapons fire. They can measure very high-speed infrared heat signatures and output extremely accurate event times, angular coordinates and threat classifications for locating, tracking, and countering hostile threats. Data output can cue and augment other integrated sensors, such as radar, acoustic microphones, imaging systems, GPS or inertial measurement to enhance capabilities. See our Product pages for more information.

Lucid Dimensions has developed state-of-the-art processes and algorithms to enable high-speed 3D sensing.  The breadth of our capabilities and portfolio cover 3D CAD/CAM, 3D instrument calibration, optical and Infrared (EO/IR) and multi-spectral detection and filtering, sensor fusion, signal processing, machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  including machine learning and expert systems.