Thunderbolt™ HFD

Lucid Dimensions

Multi-modal Infrared Acoustic Fusion for Gunshot Detection or Hostile Fire Detection

ShotSense3D Infrared Weapons Flash Detection, Location and Classification
Thunderbolt™ HFD: Infrared Acoustic Fusion

Thunderbolt™ HFD is the lowest-cost, highest performing Hostile Fire Detection (HFD) system on the market today. Thunderbolt offers differentiating capabilities to cost-effectively save lives and protect critical assets by instantly detecting and locating nearly any type of weapons fire event. Thunderbolt is a revolutionary breakthrough in sensor fusion bringing together the strengths of state-of-the-art acoustic gunshot detection technology with Lucid Dimensions’ ShotSense3D™ (S3D) high-speed infrared weapons flash technology core.

Lucid’s Thunderbolt™ HFD fusion integrates the two sensing modalities and offers the market a highly affordable yet effective multi-modal HFD solution suitable for scalable deployment for nearly any application whether it for tactical vehicles, tanks, drones, bases, outposts, embassies, law enforcement vehicles, public spaces, transportation hubs, or borders. The fusion of IR and Acoustic not only reduces false alarms to nearly zero but also provides a highly accurate “flash to bang” passive ranging solution to locate and map threats within meters of their true geographic location.